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If you’re a tech geek, a Google user, or even someone remotely in tune with pop culture, put down the device (after you finish reading this, of course) and go see The Internship.

No spoiler alerts here: yes – it takes place on the Google campus, yes – you will want to work there after seeing the movie, and yes – Vince Vaughn plays his normal over-talking-victimized self. But is it hilarious? Oh, heck yes!

At one point in the movie, the team challenge was find a local business that was not using any Google products or services and sell it to them. Vince swooped in as the team hero and tried to seal the deal at a local pizza shop. The problem was – Vince was portrayed as a dinosaur and had no idea what Google really offered small businesses. But as a seasoned salesman, Vince’s character knew all too well how to pull at their heart strings.

In his speech of trying to convince a creature-of-habit small business owner who only ever advertised in the paper since the restaurant’s inception, Vince gets him with this (paraphrased):

Everybody is searching for something…so don’t you want to make sure they find you?

I’m not going to tell you how it ends – you just need to go see it. What I will say is, the movie did a great job illustrating how some businesses are too afraid of change – especially when it comes to online marketing. There’s over a billion (with a B) Google searches a day, so take advantage of these 3 free Google tools that will help get your business found online:

1. Google Keyword Tool:
The Keyword Tool will give you search volume data and what the competition is for each keyword. Use this as a way to come up with keyword variations, content strategies, and inspiration on what to write about. Afterall, you do what to be writing about what people are searching for. This tutorial from Hubspot is a simple step-by-step guide that will get you using the keyword tool in a matter of minutes.

2. Local Reviews:
You need to register your business for Google Places in order to be found for local search. This will put you on the map (literally), and allow users to write reviews about your business. Since Google Places and Google+ are combined into the same account, this will allow you to stay connected to your customers by adding them to circles, sharing news updates, and posting pictures. According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, so do your business a favor and make sure you’re showing up for local search results.

3. Google Analytics:
You don’t need to be a tech geek to set up a Google Analytics account and add a snippet of code to your website. If you’re a WordPress user, most themes have an area where you can just plug this in. Use Google Analytics to know what other websites are referring traffic to your website (social media sites, other blogs, etc), how long people are on your site (this is a good indication if they like your content), and what keyphrases people are searching for to find you. You’ll notice that a large percentage of the keywords will say “Not Provided”, so check out this excellent explanation from KissMetrics on how to unlock that data.

And, that concludes your twofer – a movie review and business tips all in one! If you saw The Internship, leave a comment and let us know what you thought about the movie.

Jen Stretch

Jen Stretch is a marketing professional with a decade of web-based technical experience. Her core competencies include and marketing automation consulting, implementation, and training. She is a certified Administrator with five years of marketing automation experience.

Jen is also a enthusiastic cyclist and applies the same competitive spirit that she has on the bike to push businesses out of their comfort zone and beyond their perceived finish line.

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