As your strategic marketing partner, HSM leverages industry-proven tactics to increase your online visibility and generate a stream of new business. Our highly adaptive 6-Step Service Model is designed to provide a completely customized approach to suite your business needs.


Step 1: Assess Needs

Each time we work with a new client, we begin with an audit and discovery phase. This is a thorough investigation of your online presence as well as your competitors. Part of this process will include the following:

  • Is your website or brand found online?
  • Does your brand clearly define your product or services?
  • Does your website have any SEO value?
  • Is your website optimized for lead generation?
  • Does your company have an active social following?
  • What do your customers say about your product or services?
  • Who are your competitors and how do you compare to them?


Step 2: Establish a Game Plan

Next we’ll develop a blueprint with all of the digital marketing initiatives and goals. We’ll decide which online marketing tactics to deploy, what social channels to tackle, and establish the timelines for each initiative.

Part of having a successful game plan is ensuring that your brand clearly defines your product or services. HomeStretch Marketing can help you develop a clear and concise message that defines your brand and we’ll make sure your messaging is consistent across your website, social profiles and all marketing collateral.


Step 3: Develop Content Strategy

Each day, 2 million blog posts are published, which means if you’re not writing valuable content, it will never get found or read.

HomeStretch marketing will make sure that you’re publishing relevant content that people want to read. This process will contain:

  • Suggested blog articles based on keyword research and trending topics
  • Targeted keyphrases
  • Resources or reference material

If you don’t want to write your own content, we can do that for you. By also managing your social web presence, HSM will syndicate and track the effectiveness of content across various channels.


Step 4: Drive New Business

Generating new business for your company is our number one goal. Our scalable multichannel marketing plan will be focused in the following areas:

  • Lead generation
  • Organic search (SEO)
  • Paid search (SEM)
  • Social media marketing
  • Targeted email marketing

leadmanagementStep 5: Manage Leads

We want to make sure that you have the right systems in place to track your customers through each stage of their purchasing process and that you stay engaged with your entire customer list. Sometimes, this can be as simple as conducting an audit of your current system or workflow, while other engagements involve implementing marketing automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to measure campaign effectiveness.

Our team is Salesforce certified and very experienced with Marketo marketing automation software. These services include:

  • Establishing goals across all teams with unified success metrics
  • Increased efficiency with optimized lead flow
  • Scoring and triggered workflows for behavioral activities
  • Content for accelerated, nurturing, and drip campaigns
  • Failsafe process to ensure all leads are touched


Step 6: Measure & Refine

Whether your business is established or just starting up, our core objective is to help you grow. Each time we start a new project, we define the metrics we’ll use to measure the success of every initiative.

HSM will provide weekly updates as well as a quantitative monthly report of how your marketing investment is generating revenue for your business.

We will also monitor what people say about your brand on a variety of sites to support your reputation management efforts.

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