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68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel and 65% of companies say they don’t have the proper tools for their sales process. The result? According to Pardot, 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales.

Salesforce alignmentOther than lost revenue, this means that there is a serious breakdown between sales and marketing. Believe it or not, implementing a marketing automation platform with Salesforce will break down the walls of your sales and marketing teams. They will start  to communicate with each other, and may even see some high fives around the office!

Organizing communication within Salesforce will give your marketing and sales teams the following advantages over your competition:

Faster Response Time
Why does the sales process take so much time? What has the marketing team done lately? What did we get from last month’s campaign?  These questions (and possibly accusations) may be flying around your office. The executive team doesn’t want answers – they want results. With marketing automation, you can enable real time alerts on your desktop or mobile devices for faster response times.  Emails, tasks and alerts can be automated. Timely communication between your sales reps and prospective clients will be result in more customers.

Track Every Move
With marketing automation, every action of a user’s activity becomes a data point that is tracked, logged and reported on. Creepy, huh! Curious about how often a prospect is visiting your website, which videos they viewed, or if they signed up for your demo yet? You can simply view a prospects activities within their lead or contact record in Salesforce.   By scoring specific activities, sales reps can easily decipher interest versus intent and actually prioritize their leads.

Synergy Across Departments
Integrating marketing automation with Salesforce will improve the quality of your leads and make your teams more organized and efficient. Score-based or activity-based assignment rules will only hand leads off to the sales team that are sales-ready. That means that sales reps can  avoid wasting time with prospects who aren’t sales-ready and marketing can continue to nurture leads until they meet a certain threshold .

So, what’s scarier – not converting 79% of your leads, or living in a world where marketing and sales actually get along? If you’re curious about what platform is right for you, how to train your teams for complete user adoption, or simply become more efficient, give us a call at 866-330-8263 or fill out the form to the right.

Jen Stretch

Jen Stretch is a marketing professional with a decade of web-based technical experience. Her core competencies include and marketing automation consulting, implementation, and training. She is a certified Administrator with five years of marketing automation experience.

Jen is also a enthusiastic cyclist and applies the same competitive spirit that she has on the bike to push businesses out of their comfort zone and beyond their perceived finish line.

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