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Salesforce Consulting & Training

Salesforce ConsultingOur custom-tailored approach to business process mapping and customization will ensure Salesforce matches your business needs.

We understand the difficulty of configuring Salesforce to meet the specific needs of your company to do business effectively and efficiently. That is why we have a reputation of excellence in Salesforce customization and platform integration for businesses across the nation.

At HomeStretch Marketing, we’ve built our CRM expertise as a Salesforce consulting firm in Charlotte, NC, by partnering with companies that need highly-customizable Salesforce solutions to meet their business demands. Through our Salesforce consulting process of business mapping, formalized recommendations, and implementation, your company will have increased insight into all aspects of your sales, marketing, and business operations.

A Holistic Salesforce Consulting Approach

Our approach to Salesforce consulting begins with learning the unique needs of your business operations. We believe that Salesforce should be used to increase efficiency and insights into your business and not slow your team down. We ensure your team is equipped to use Salesforce best practices for your ongoing business needs.

End-to-End Business Process Mapping

Time and time again we see business operations undermining proper Salesforce usage. By mapping your sales and marketing processes from start to finish, we recommend process optimizations and areas for automation and workflows.

Marketing Automation & API Integration

Enabling Salesforce to “play along” with the other platforms and applications is likely critical for your business. We seamlessly integrate marketing automation platforms Marketo and Pardot with Salesforce. We can also recommend and integrate several other sales enablement tools within Salesforce.

Ongoing Salesforce Administration

For ongoing Salesforce consulting, management and support, we offer Salesforce administration services that span from monthly maintenance to playing an active role on your team as the Salesforce administrator and point person. Learn more!

We work with you to customize and configure Salesforce to meet your business needs. Through customizations and API integrations to pull in data from other platforms, our team of Salesforce consultants can work with you to configure Salesforce to increase visibility across your entire business.

Contact us today and tell us about your business needs. We will be in touch to schedule a call to discuss next steps.

Salesforce Consulting & Training in Charlotte, NC

We’re located in Charlotte, North Carolina and work with clients nationwide – from the Carolinas to California. Get started today with our Salesforce CRM services to make your business run more smoothly, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter: your products, services, and all of those new customers.