What are your customers saying about your business and your brand? And what do you want them to be saying?

Reputation management is at the heart of customer relationships and reviews: What people say about your brand on social media, blogs and third party review sites will affect the growth of your business, for better or for worse.

HomeStretch Marketing can help you stand apart locally with Yelp, ensure your business is connected on LinkedIn, and ultimately establish your business as an expert and trusted partner. Our extensive reputation management services will tie into your key business goals and offer you key business insights.

Online reputation management services from HomeStretch Marketing include:

  • Third party review sites: Whether it’s Google+ or Yelp, LinkedIn or a local site, we will help grow your business through positive reviews and a growing number of real fans.
  • Social media integration: Facebook isn’t just for fun, and your corporate website isn’t just for business. It’s important to establish links from all of your social media sites to your business website and back. We will help you keep the conversation flowing, building greater traffic, awareness and interest.
  • Monitoring your brand online: Keeping up on what your customers are saying about your business can be a full-time job in itself. We will monitor posts on a variety of sites to support your reputation management efforts.
  • Proactive responses: Every now and then, you may get an unhappy customer that makes it known on the internet. With our constant monitoring, we’ll be able to proactively respond before the situation gets out of control.
  • Monthly reporting: Information is power, and we will provide you with updated stats and details regarding your online reputation.

Your reputation will make or break you, especially for small businesses. We can worry about your brand, so that you can focus on your business. Get started today with customized reputation management services from HomeStretch Marketing!

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