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Pardot Consulting

Pardot is a marketing automation platform that can provide you powerful insights into your prospect’s interaction with your website and online marketing materials. By selecting Pardot as your marketing automation tool, you can have confidence in a Salesforce product while gaining access to untapped insights about your customers.

Through a successful marketing automation implementation with our Pardot consulting services, your business will be able to make more informed business decisions based on actionable data.

Giving you organization-wide visibility into customer and pipeline movement, Pardot can help you segment data within Salesforce, prospect certain customer profiles and introduce lead scoring as a powerful tool in your lead nurturing suite.

Increase Marketing Qualified Leads

With Pardot integrated with Salesforce, your team gains visibility into a prospect’s engagement. This equips your team to make adjustments to more effectively target your audience and increase marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Companies with successful marketing automation programs generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

Reach and Achieve your Sales Quota

Our Pardot consulting team works with you to configure Pardot marketing automation campaigns to reach and engage with your target prospects. This helps you qualify more leads to win more opportunities and achieve your sales quota.

Strategic Implementation & Consulting

Through our strategic approach to marketing automation, we first assess your sales cycle, business processes and current tech stack prior to making recommendations and implementing. We define what Pardot consulting services your team needs and can work on a per-project basis or retained services model.

Marketing Automation Expertise

Our marketing automation expertise means we provide platform best practices, lead nurturing campaign and lead scoring strategy, and even training for your teams to be set up for success. For better control over lead management and messaging within Salesforce, we recommend Pardot marketing automation.

Using a marketing automation tool like Pardot is no small task. Our Pardot consulting team is here to help configure Pardot to work best with your business. Start working with a Pardot consulting firm that knows how to assess your needs and meet them with custom-tailored strategic consulting services.

Curious how we partner with agencies and businesses to support Pardot marketing automation? Contact us today and tell us about your business needs. We will be in touch to schedule a call to discuss next steps.