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With the recent acquisition of Pardot, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud just got better. Pardot is the only marketing automation platform that is developed, updated, and owned by Salesforce. Simply put: Pardot speaks Salesforce. It’s evident with the $2.5B (yes, that’s a B for billion) investment that Salesforce is serious about transforming their CRM platform into a fully-integrated sales and marketing machine.

Why Pardot Will Change Your Business

The reality of today’s technically-dependent world is that the consumer is now in control of the buying cycle. The modern consumer is two-thirds through the buying cycle before they even contact you. So, as prospects are researching on your website, Pardot will track and capture every move – giving you the data you need to target your messaging.

The success of  Pardot is dependent on having the full support of your sales team, a clear sales process and an aggressive marketing plan. If not, resources can be overwhelmed and ROI will be delayed as kinks are worked out. Within months of a successful implementation, some of the changes your business will realize are:

  • A higher number of conversions
  • Prospect profiles with scores and grades
  • Segmented data
  • Executive visibility into your marketing and sales efforts.
Maximizing Your Investment

You can invest in Pardot with the confidence that marketing automation within Salesforce will help your sales and marketing teams collaborate better, while also giving everyone better insight into prospects’ activities. Among the many features, the top reasons companies adopt Pardot is to gain better control over messaging and lead management within Salesforce.

Like any investment, Pardot users need to invest time into setting up and maintaining the processes that result in ROI. Companies deploy the software with plans to simultaneously improve their sales process and execute a new marketing strategy. Because of the intuitive nature of the software, companies don’t often need a full-time resource after implementation, but they also find that a small marketing team may not have the time to achieve results as quickly as hoped.

Good news – we can help!

HomeStretch Marketing Consulting Services

We prefer to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients. That said, we offer two different types of service options:

  1. Strategic and/or Implementation Consulting: You may already have a marketing team in place, but you need a subject matter expert to help you work out the kinks of your sales cycle, determine your scoring values, provide technical best practices, train your team, and create campaigns to keep all of your leads engaged. We can provide our strategic or implementation consulting services on a per-project basis.
  2.  Retained Marketing Automation Services: Maybe marketing just isn’t your thing, but you know you company’s future is dependent on it. Allow HomeStretch Marketing to serve as your internal marketing team. We’ll set up monthly objectives and create campaigns to qualify more leads and win more opportunities while providing monthly reports that prove the value of our services and ROI of Pardot. These services will be offered at a retained monthly rate.
Our Process

Many companies find that their sales activities, messaging, and lead tracking within Salesforce isn’t where it needs to be upon the implementation of Pardot. Before we can help with strategy or configuration, we need to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are collaborating (or at least talking to each other), speaking the same language and working towards the same goals.

We’ll start with a Salesforce audit and an analysis your current processes so we can help develop the following elements:

  • Sales Cycle Stages: Don’t get lost in the minutia of determining what a marketing qualified lead (MQL) is verses a sales qualified lead (SQL). We’ll build out all of your lead stages to be aligned with your business model and Salesforce processes.
  • Lead Qualification: Every scoring model is unique to each business. We’ll take the time to determine who your customers are, what the length of your sales cycle is, and configure the appropriate scoring values to every demographic factor and behavioral activity.
  • Buyer Roles: Being able to separate the researchers from the buyers is a critical aspect of converting a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead. We’ll determine the buyer roles so that you can dynamically deliver targeted and relevant content.
  • Marketing Content: Between segmented content, dynamic content, and nurturing campaigns – building your content library can quickly seem like a daunting task. We can help create the appropriate marketing collateral so that your library is stocked for all buyers and stages.
  • Sales Content: Most sales reps are not marketers and should probably not be left to their own devices to create marketing content. We’ll created marketing-approved templates that sales reps can easily customize before delivering to their prospects.
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Give us a call at 866-330-8263 or fill out the form so that we can talk more about your marketing automation goals. We’ll conduct a preliminary analysis over the phone to see if we’re a good fit for your business needs.

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