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Lead nurturing involves providing relevant and educational content to potential customers to help build your brand and credibility. Even before someone is ready to make a purchase decision, nurturing keeps your company top-of-mind as a reliable and helpful resource. It’s about educating and engaging. It’s also about being consistent and customer-centric.

Lead nurturing platforms like Marketo or Pardot will help you track potential leads and automate the delivery of educational content via a variety of content marketing channels.

The keys to good lead nurturing include:

  • Start out with the best leads: Use lead scoring and lead status as a way to segment and prioritize leads. Keep in mind, you need quality over quantity when it comes to leads.
  • Offer real value: Exclusive information, guides and ongoing updates that are meaningful to your leads will establish your company as their go-to resource.
  • Interact: offer opportunities for ongoing interactions and a feedback loop. Whether it’s a simple email address or a dedicated Facebook page or forum, give your leads the opportunity to make further connections, ask questions, or provide recommendations.
  • Track, track, track: Keep track of every interaction, preference and comment from your leads which should become part of your lead scoring program.

Successful lead nurturing results in turning cold leads into hot prospects. You will also be able to better anticipate their needs and preferences.

Jen Stretch

Jen Stretch is a marketing professional with a decade of web-based technical experience. Her core competencies include and marketing automation consulting, implementation, and training. She is a certified Administrator with five years of marketing automation experience.

Jen is also a enthusiastic cyclist and applies the same competitive spirit that she has on the bike to push businesses out of their comfort zone and beyond their perceived finish line.

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